Army Veterans

When you look at the number of people that have been diagnosed with mesothelioma you have to consider Army veterans. These individuals have been exposed to asbestos because of the barracks that there were in, the vehicles that they were driving and even the aircraft that they were flying in.

Understanding Army Veterans

The U.S. Army is considered to be the strongest force in the world. It’s also the largest branch of our military. Exposure to asbestos is heavily dependent upon what the service member’s occupation was and where they were deployed during their service with the Army.

What the Army Veterans Need to Know

Increased Asbestos Exposure

It is very important to understand that the soldiers that had the most exposure to asbestos were serving in the military between WWII and the 1980’s. As this branch of the military expanded the amount of asbestos that was used grew with it.

Barracks and Vehicles

The barracks and the vehicles related to the Army are where you find the most exposure. The individuals that worked as Army engineers and the mechanics were those professionals are the ones that had the most exposure during their time of service.

Benefits For Soldiers

Veterans that were involved in active duty may develop mesothelioma. If that is the case then you should know that they may be able to receive around $3,000 each month.

Manufacturers Take Responsibility

If you take the time between the 1930’s and the 1970’s you will see that there were more than 3,300 different products used by the military that included asbestos in them. What you have to realize that the Army is not responsible for this, but rather the manufacturers are the ones that are responsible. The Army was not made fully aware of the dangers of asbestos as many of these companies kept it a secret.

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Where Exposure Took Place

Asbestos was used for the military for insulation and even for fireproofing. This was because it did not cost much money at all. Because of this, it was used in most vehicles and even within the buildings that were constructed before the 1970’s.

Those military officials that had served in Iraq and even in Afghanistan were also exposed to asbestos because it was actually released into the air when buildings were damaged and were destroyed.


One of the most likely places that an individual in the military would encounter asbestos is in the barracks. You will find that when these were built asbestos was used because it was cheap. This was used in a number of barracks before the 1970’s.

Other common places where asbestos may have been present included:

  • Tiles on the floors
  • Tiles in the ceiling
  • Wiring
  • Materials for the roof
  • Siding
  • Insulation

Army Corps of Engineers

Even though the soldiers may have been facing exposure to asbestos when they were in the barracks, this exposure may have been very minimal unless there were any repairs going on at the time. Those soldiers that were at the highest risk were those individuals that were involved in the Army Corps of Engineers. These individuals were the soldiers that completed the Panama Canal in 1914.

The Corps were the individuals that were constructing different facilities and the locks and dams. They are going to be the ones that are responsible for the different infrastructure of the Army and the Air Force. Because they were involved with the building of the barracks they were at a large risk for exposure to asbestos.

What is really interesting to know is that they are now in charge of working on removing asbestos from the barracks where it once was used. When the barracks are being remodeled or repaired then the asbestos is being removed. It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of this dangerous material.


There were a number of vehicles that were used in the Army. Many of these vehicles were made with asbestos. This was found in the different heating elements that were used, the brakes, and even in the gaskets. Those that had the most asbestos were actually built before the 1970’s. Some of the vehicles included ambulances and even the military tanks. Even the helicopters that were used during Vietnam had asbestos in them.


Before 1947, the Air Force was the branch of the military that was carrying out all of the air operations. The Air Force was created during World War II. The entire branch grew to an amazing number and more and more vehicles and aircraft were built. Many of the parts were made with the use of asbestos. This included the firewalls and even the gaskets. Therefore, the crew and the pilots were all exposed to the asbestos. This is what has led to Air Force veterans becoming diagnosed with mesothelioma. It has been estimated that roughly 783 million pounds of asbestos were used during WWII.

Veterans Taking Action

Individuals that were active in the military before the 1970’s are the ones that are the most vulnerable when it comes to being exposed to asbestos. They were at a greater risk of being exposed to asbestos and developing mesothelioma than those that were not in the military. Those serving in the military were at risk because it was used in vehicles, barracks and even in the aircraft.

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