Mesothelioma Treatment Costs

You will find that treatment for cancer can be very expensive, but there are options available to you. Knowing what to expect will help you find those options and have less stress.

Planning for the Costs

Most individuals will want to know how they are going to pay for their treatment when they find out that they have been diagnosed with cancer. There are some things that can help you become more prepared for this experience.


Most people will find that they are going to pay a lot more than they had thought when they find out that they are dealing with mesothelioma since it’s so incredibly rare. They will see that they are going to be paying for treatment and even travel or caregiving services.

Planning Ahead

The American Cancer Society says that you should speak with your doctor so that you know what to expect. It will help you make a plan.

Getting Help

Some people will pay for treatment with insurance or even with their savings. There are even asbestos trust funds and different charities that help assist in finding financial help.

What to Expect

There will be numerous tests and appointments that you will need to pay for. Patients may also incur travel expenses, care giving and lost paychecks. You need to know what to expect before treatment starts.

Unforeseen Expenses

There are a number of things that you have to be able to plan for. You never know when you may need to take a loved one to the doctor’s office. You will need to pay for more than just the treatment.

Travel can become more expensive than you had anticipated. You will need to be realistic about this and think about some of the potential expenses that might come up during this process.

Here are some of the things that you may need to think of:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Car rentals
  • Meals

Treatments and More

Discover Ways to Help

Though there is no cure for mesothelioma, there are treatment options. Find out what your best options are here.

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Health Insurance

There are so many different types of insurance out there. This includes health insurance plans, like Medicare or Medicaid, or even private health insurance plans like Blue Cross Blue Shield.  They will all have their own things that they will cover. Keep all of your medical records so that you are able to prove what is needed.   

It will be very important for you to speak with your health plan to fully understand what they may be able to cover for you. Your doctor is not going to have this information so you need to become as informed as possible.

Expenses Your Insurance Doesn't Pay

Find out what you will need to pay on your own because insurance will not cover it all. You must consider deductible and even co payments.

Ask your doctor some of the following questions to see what you may need to plan for:

  • What does my insurance cover?
  • Is there help for payments?
  • What will I pay for on my own?

Lowering Your Treatment Costs

If you want to know how to go about lowering the costs that you will be expected to pay then you will want to speak with a professional. There are specialists that can help you determine what you can do to help decrease the costs that you are going to be paying.

You can decrease the costs with some of the following options:

Clinical Trials

You may find that you can receive some of your treatment at a discounted cost when you do a clinical trial.  However, you might have to pay for testing or doctor’s visits.  So, you should do your research related to this option.  It may help decrease what you will pay out of pocket.

Asbestos Trust Funds

Asbestos exposure is the cause of this type of cancer. Those that have been exposed over and over again may be affected, and their families could be to. This could include veterans. If you have this cancer you may be able to receive compensation from this fund.

Veterans Affairs

Veterans will be the largest group of those with this cancer. They, and their families, may be able to receive assistance.  They will also have help filing claims so that they are not dealing with the stress associated with this as well.  

Charitable Organizations

You will find that there are a number of organizations that can help with your costs. They can also help decrease what your family members are paying out of their own pockets. They may have housing or ways to pay for flights and even travel.

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